We will go back in time 200 years, Suchitoto. Only an hour away from the city, has the atmosphere that has been lost; cobblestone streets, adobe houses, red tile roofs, wooden doors, people always on the streets waving you, even if they don’t know you; very friendly, places hard to find in the vertiginous world we live. We will visit one of the oldest churches in the country, Santa Lucia church, we will learn how to roll cigars with a professional lady that has been working with «Puros» all her life, an art in risk of extinction.

We will also have a workshop of indigo, considered the blue gold of El Salvador, the first source of wealth for the republic during and after the colony, since Suchitoto is one of the most fertile land for a great quality of Xiquilite which is the plant used to get this amazing blue color which was very requested by the European royalty and after used by famous brands of jeans such as Levis Strauss company. We will have an expert on the field that will teach us this art, by making our own souvenir of indigo. It will be an incredible experience that will make you value this natural dye (1 hour approximately). We will have lunch with a view of the Suchitlán lake, at a local restaurant with colonial style dressed waiters and enjoying traditional dishes such as “Gallo in chicha”, which is a roaster cooked in a Mayan moonshine, really delicious. We will have an incredible day, also Suchitoto is a great place for birdwatching.

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