Route of flowers and coffee


We will take you to the mountain range of Apaneca-Ilamatepec, (wind rivers and the place of the old lady in Nahuat language). The most charming towns of the western El Salvador are included in this tour, Nahuizalco, the place founded by four families of Izalco with our few pure indigenous groups that have survived nowadays, we will meet them at the local market, also we will visit the historical plaza, tree of life, a kapok tree over 300 years old, the magnetic hill, where we will put the car in neutral up hill and the car will continue going forward. We will also visit Juayua and one of the most venerated black Christ.
We will have the cherry of the pie at the farm and mill of the Alfaro family, operating in the coffee industry since 1932. A local guide will share all his knowledge about coffee from the moment the old Mercedes truck comes in with the fermented bean » UVA » to the moment is served in the cup, of course we will be drinking much coffee and local dessert. And also this will be a great opportunity for shopping since they have a great shop with many interesting items and bracelets, necklaces and of course coffee bags in beans and grounded. If you are a shopper there will be a good selection of shops in Ataco, the town of Alfaro family.


  1. Dune buggies optional Tour – Old carter buggies (4-wheeler):

We will have an adventure driving this buggies in rural roads, beautiful mountain areas, with amazing lookouts (depending on time of the year and weather), a temperature 70 F approximately, coffee farms everywhere you see with, beautiful setting to see flowers, trees and birds, this ride will be  for an hour and a half, in this time we will visit one of the small crater lakes at almost 5,000 feet above sea level (1400 masl), where we will walk around ) the lake or take a Panga (local boat without engine), we will have a Guide driving an ATV all the time leading the group.

  1. Zip line

Pure adrenaline, 13 cables, some with almost half km long and over 600 feet high, great staff of local guides will make you fly over coffee farms at 5,000 feet at the Apaneca mountains, amazing viewpoints (depending on weather and time of the year).
All security measures are taken for this adventure in order you enjoy it to the fullest.

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