Mayan Route (Coming Soon)


El Salvador is part of the Mayan world, we have a World´s Heritage site and many pyramids and monoliths.In half a day in the Mayan Route we will visit our UNESCO site Joya de Ceren which is known as the American Pompeii, since no other archaeological sites in the region offers the characteristics of this interesting place, there we will see structures made with organic building material and it is the only place in the world where you will find those structures settled on over 14 centuries old ash from Ilopango´s volcano eruption , registered at 250 AD and dated by the Geologist Walter Hernandez. The most amazing characteristics of Joya de Ceren is the fact that shares information from a group of regular People, mayan farmers, since the rest of the archaeological sites in the mayan world refer to the elite and rulers, this will take you to the other side of the coin to complete the picture.
After this interesting archaeological site, we will finish at the view point of Coatepeque´s crater lake, that means “the place of the snake” (In Nahuat language coat is snake). During the last 8 years this lake water has turned five times into turquoise color.

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