El Boquerón National Park


El Salvador is a country of volcanoes, we have the largest amount of them per km2, over eleven active volcanoes plus fourteen crater lakes; in total twenty-five. El Salvador is also a country with amazing climate and natural beauty, we have the blessing to have a national park, a sub humid forest at almost 6,209 feet above sea level (1,893 masl), a mass with beautiful flora, lilies, hydrangeas, calla lilies, hibiscus, trumpet flower and much more. It is a great place for birding such species as brown-backed solitaire, lesson’s motmot, black vulture, turkey vulture, warblers, rufous-browed peppershrike and much more. El Salvador is an amazing destination for enjoying nature.
We will walk only 410 steps to get to the rim, the easiest volcano to visit only half an hour from the city, and even with heavy traffic it takes only 45 minutes to the park. Walking at the side of the rim in three different viewpoints, the most of the year, enjoy the view of the baby volcano in the heart of the crater called El Boqueroncito, with 164 feet high (50 m). Up there is where we will share with you the event of 1917, the last registered eruption of El Jabalí (popular name given to the eruption).
All this with the best sight of the “hammock valley”, since San Salvador is known as a giant hammock.

Duration: 4 ½ hrs. approximately

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